We guide Creatives on the journey of transformation from novice to skilled artisan!

We teach you lifelong skills and help you develop your creative style! Online courses designed with you in mind. Lessons are taught in bite-size pieces so even busy moms can find the time.

Every course you take here is created especially for you!

A busy person, on the go, with limited time, a personal style and a love for all things creative.

Who are creatives?

Scrapbookers | Sketch Artists | Photographers | Journal Keepers | Painters

Memory Keepers | Sculptors | Musicians | Mixed Media

A creative is an artist. They see the world around them differently. Born with natural gifts and talents, they create art simply because they love to create art. They sing or play an instrument for the sheer joy of making music. They do not limit themselves to one genre but love to experiment, grow, try, and learn new things. That's where we come in! While many people are born with artistic talent some don't realize it or never tap into those natural abilities. Still others want to create art but don't know where to start. They all need instruction and guidance to learn and grow. Wherever you're at we'll teach you the skills you need and help you develop your style. Remember these encouraging words by Ralph Waldo Emerson,

"Every artist was first an amateur."